Our Mission and Inspiration

Hello! I’m Anvex.

My ambition is to be the most innovative app for personal concierge services that handles each request with care. Theoretically, I’m an app, practically, I’m a lifestyle choice.

There is nothing more reassuring than to know that you can rely on a friend to help whenever needed. But what happens if there is no one there to help? Well, that’s when I will be there for you.

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Our Mission

We believe time spent with family is priceless and our ambition is to simplify lives for busy people. We launched Anvex to deliver valuable services anywhere and anytime as we believe all of our clients have extraordinary lives and deserve extraordinary services. We’re building human connections by connecting Partners with Customers looking for valuable personal concierge services.

At Anvex, we are enthusiastic about bringing families together, where everyone has someone to rely on whether you’re near or far away. Anvex helps you, the Partner, to get better pay, fair benefits and continuous support and you, the Customer, to get accessible, reliable and valuable personal concierge services.

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Let Anvex Go For You

Gaining time and attention for your loved ones is essential for living a positive lifestyle. Anvex is a trusted app which allows you to get back priceless time while our partners handle your requests with care. You can use the app to book services for you or for your loved ones.

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The Anvex Client Promise

We are on a mission to be the most customer centric mobile app that enables a trusted marketplace for Service Providers and Customers. In essence, we ensure that all services requested on our platform are being handled with the utmost care and respect by our approved Partners.

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The Anvex result

Anvex is more than an app, it’s a lifestyle choice. There is only one mission in mind when it comes to the Anvex customer service delivery expectation - a Five Star Experience. It’s certainly not alway easy to deliver extraordinary services, but it’s definitely worth it every single time.

Our Inspiration

Something didn’t feel right in the world of personal concierge services. As customers, we found ourselves frustrated with all the times we couldn’t find a personal concierge service for our loved ones or ourselves. All the hours we spent doing errands instead of spending quality time with our family, all the frustration because a delivery didn’t arrive on time for a special occasion, all of these bad experiences and so on just because a reliable personal concierge was not available when we needed it the most.

And guess what? Not only us, the customers, but also the service providers have experienced similar bad experiences such as sub-minimum wages, or no pay because nobody answered the door when they arrived and so on. It doesn’t feel right, does it?

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